Leading Responsive
Supply Chain Transformation

The Book and Authors

Because of the internet, with its continuing technological advances supported by opgoing multi-trillion-dollar investments in global infrastructure, the cadence of the business is now shifting from an anticipatory (push) to a responsive (pull) posture.  Growing customer connectivity requires rethinking the way a business coperates and the way its customers and suppliers are engaged. Most businesses will need to be operationally reinvented if they are to survive.  This transformation calls out the need for responsive supply chain operationsto achieve unprecedented levles of consumer satisfaction enabled by equally unprecedented levels of end-to-end supply channel performance.

 Start Pulling Your Chain (SPYC) examines how and why we operate supply chains within businesses today and the paradigm shift needed to compete in the disruptive Information Age going forward. It highlights all a change like this will bring to customers, a company, and a firm’s entire supply chain.

SPYC discusses what a responsive supply chain business model might look like and how it might perform within a company and between supply chain partners. It offers solutions on how to think and lead change with a responsive supply chain business model using twenty-first-century realtime responsiveness supported by the broad use of information networks.

SPYC provides insight on how to create and sustain legendary relationships with customers and suppliers. It presents points of view on what leadership models are needed to operate in the twenty-first-century global real-time world.

SPYC provides recommended initial steps to start transforming your supply chain into a responsive model capable of sustaining unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction and profitable growth in the future.

Table of Contents

Part One: Awareness
Chapter 1: Competing in the Infomation Age
Chapter 2: Digitizing
Chapter 3: The Responsive Supply Chain Business Model

Part Two: Ratcheting
Chapter 4: Consumer Connectivity
Chapter 5: Operational Excellence
Chapter 6: Integrative Management

Part Three: Catapulting
Chapter 7: Real-Time Responsiveness
Chapter 8: Leveraging Networks
Chapter 9: Collaboration: Creating Legendary Relationships

Part Four: Endurance
Chapter 10: Relational Leadership
Chapter 11: Measurement and Motivation
Chapter 12: 2025 and Beyond

Postscript: Initial Steps Towards the New Information-Driven Frontier

Appendix: Supply Chain Fundamentals

Don Bowersox and Nick LaHowchic collaborate to discuss the unparallel opportunity twentyfirst-century information technology is providing for the design and implementation of responsive supply chain operations. Through collaborative academic and practitioner experience, they discuss how real-time information and growing customer connectivity require reinventing business and customer engagement.

Don, a founder of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and a prolific author, provides insight gained from more than 40 years in teaching, research, and consulting.

Nick, a recipient of the Salzberg Leadership Award from Syracuse University, has numerous times been named one of the logistics industry’s top executives. He brings to the discussion more than 35 years of senior leadership experience in five different industries.


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