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Supply Chain Transformation

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In the 21st Century, senior executives have come face to face with the revolutionary Information Age, characterized by a growing presence of disruptive technology (DT) which is radically reshaping the competitive landscape.

Start Pulling Your Chain takes the reader through a foundation of understanding the "how and why" companies at-large need to re-think their business purpose, model, tools, and culture in order to fully exploit these emerging disruptive technologies.

Building on a four-stage leadership transition, authors Bowersox and LaHowchic share a process with practical supply chain insights for facing the 21st Century business challenge while simultaneously continuing profitable growth and providing greater customer satisfaction.

With a concluding postscript, the authors leave the reader with a "How to Get it Going" guide designed with a staged process to assist senior leadership in developing a plan for initiating responsive supply chain transformation for their business. 
"On February 10, 2006, the last Western Union Telegram - a service continuously operated since 1861 - had been sent, its permanent termination announced by an email.  Few noticed or seemed to care.  Most in Generation X and Y had never sent or received a telegram. " -Chaper One
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